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Horn of Africa Combined Tours

Multi-country Tours

Visit Horn Africa’s multi-country tour packages offer a glimpse into the countless wonders of the Horn of Africa countries! The Horn of Africa offers a variety of destinations that will enhance your travel experience. 

We are proud to be the best value tour operator in the Horn of Africa when it comes to multi-country tours for over 15 years. With us, you can expect great prices, quality, and convenience. With our Horn of Africa combined tours, you will be able to visit Somaliland, Djibouti, Somalia, Puntland, Ethiopia, South Sudan, Eritrea, Sudan and Socotra Island in a matter of 5 to 19 days.

Travelers can see the highlights of the Horn of Africa on one trip if they choose a multi-country vacation package! Whether you’re looking for big cities and historic sites or nomadic communities and seaside towns. With highlights like Laasgeel, the Danakil Depression, South Sudan’s tribes, Mogadishu, the pearl of the Indian Ocean, the Kush aceint Pyrimds in Sudan, the lowest point in Africa in Djibouti, Lalibela, the new Jerusalem in Ethiopia, the farthest east side of Africa in Puntland, Eritrea remains one of the least visited countries in the world and Socotra Island is one of the most beautiful and unspoiled islands in the world known for its Dragon Blood Trees, the island is well known for its dragons.

Many of our tours are based on scheduled groups, but if they don’t match your travel dates or interests, we can tailor them to your needs. Or we can create a custom Horn of Africa tour just for you. With us, you can book an independent tour whether you are traveling solo, with a partner, with a friend, with a family, or with a group.

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South Sudan

South Sudan

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Socotra Island

Socotra Island

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