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Good to know before your arrival

Getting to your destination is only half the battle. Here are things you need to know about before your arrival in Somaliland that might help you make the most of the adventure:

  • Suggested Itineraries
  • Tour operators
  • Safety
  • Somaliland embassies
  • How to obtain a Somaliland visa and custom and immigration.
  • Getting there & away
  • Bribery & bureaucracy
  • Land mines
  • Gay travelers
  • Money & budgeting
  • Getting around
  • What to take
  • Accommodation, Eating & drinking
  • Public holidays & weekends
  • Shopping, Photography, Media & Communications
  • Cultural & Etiquette & Traveling positively and Other useful information.
When to visit Somaliland, Suggested Itineraries, Tour operators, Safety, Somaliland embassies, How to obtain Somaliland visa, custom and immigration, Getting there & away, Bribery & bureaucracy, Land mines, Gay travelers, Money & budgeting, Getting around, What to take, Accommodation, Eating & drinking, Public holidays & weekends, Shopping, Photography, Media & Communications, Cultural & Etiquette &...
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A major ambiguity associated with travel in Somaliland is the erratically enforced requirement to travel everywhere outside Hargeisa accompanied by at least one member of the Special Protection Unit (SPU), an arm of the police force specially trained to protect foreigners. The exact rules regarding where and when SPU protection is required are almost impossible...
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Like most of sub-Saharan Africa, Somaliland harbours an array of tropical diseases of varying degrees of severity and inconvenience. Although there’s a fair possibility that you will become ill at some point on your trip, the cause is most likely to be either straightforward travellers’ diarrhoea or a cold, and provided you receive the necessary...
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Addis Ababa is the site of Somaliland’s only proper international embassy ( 09.00–14.00 Mon–Fri), which – is true nomadic tradition – seems to have changed location half a dozen times since the first edition was published. It is currently situated in Bole Medhane Alem, between the Malawi Embassy and Ambassador Hotel, both of which are...
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