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5 Days Tour in the heart of Sudan

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  • Duration: 5 Days
  • Countries: Sudan
  • Availability: Anytime

Tour Details

If you wish to explore an ancient civilization that is relatively unknown to most of the world, then 5 days tour in the heart of Sudan can provide you with a unique and memorable experience. There are a number of historical sites that are worth visiting in this African country.

The tour will begin in the capital city of Khartoum. You will then travel to Old Dongola, where you will see the ruins of an ancient Christian kingdom. The next stop is Karima, where there lies Jebel Barkal, a mountain considered sacred by many Sudanese. Next, we will travel to El Kurru, where several royal pyramids can be found. After that, you will visit Sudan’s two most famous archaeological sites, the Pyramids of Nuri and Meroe. The tour will conclude with a visit to Naga and Mussawarat, which are both important historical sites in Sudan.

What's Included

  • Accommodation
  • All meals
  • Ground transport
  • English speaking guide
  • Travel permits
  • Permission letters for the sightseeing and sites
  • Site entrance fees
  • Taxation

What's is not included

  • Visa costs
  • PCR-test 
  • Flight tickets
  • Travel Insurance
  • Other personal expenses

Day 1:Khartoum - Old Dongola - Karima

We start our tour by picking you up from Khartoum Airport or your hotel, followed by a trip to Old Dongola! In the northern Sudan, on the east bank of the Nile River, is Old Dongola, an ancient city of the ancient world. The city served as the capital of the Kingdom of Makuria which existed from the 6th to the 14th century. In modern times, Old Dongola is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a popular destination for tourists interested in the history of the ancient Nubians.

During your visit to Old Dongola, you will have the opportunity to explore the ancient city as well as its ruins and landmarks. It is possible to visit the Makuria Palace, the Coptic Church, as well as the Temple of Amun. It is also possible to visit the Old Dongola Museum, which houses a collection of artifacts from the ancient city.

Following the tour of old Dongola, you will travel to Karima. It is estimated that the travel time will be two hours and thirty minutes.  You will be staying at the Nubian Rest House at the foot of Jebel Barkal. The house is a charming Nubian-style building, consisting of two rooms and six beds in total. There are shared facilities and a pleasant veranda on which you can enjoy the cool starry nights. Each room features three beds, ample storage space, a fan, Wi-Fi, and a large shower. It is a tastefully decorated rest house.

Day 2: Jebel Barkal - El Kurru - Pyramids of Nuri - Karima

In this tour, you travel through some of Sudan’s most impressive historical and archaeological sites on your way to Jebel Barkal from Karima. You can expect the following.

In the first place, we will visit Jebel Barkal, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site located in the town of Karima. There are several temples and pyramids on this mountain, which was considered a holy place by the ancient Egyptians. You will be able to explore the ruins of the temples and climb to the top of the mountain for a stunning view of the surrounding area.

The next stop is El Kurru, a small village located near Jebel Barkal that is home to some fascinating ancient tombs. Several Nubian kings and queens are believed to have resting places in these tombs, which are decorated with beautiful carvings and paintings. Also on display are the remains of a small pyramid and a temple.

Our third destination is the Pyramids of Nuri, which are located a short distance from El Kurru. It is believed that several kings and queens were buried in these pyramids built by the rulers of the Kingdom of Kush. The tour will offer you the opportunity to view several well-preserved pyramids and learn about their historical significance.

After your trip, you will return to Karima, where you will have the opportunity to explore the local market and interact with the friendly locals. Stay at Nubian Rest House for the night.

Day 3: Karima - Pyramids of Meroe Via Bayuda Desert

Following breakfast early in the morning, an exciting and adventurous tour to Meroe will depart from Karima via the Bayuda Desert. The following is the itinerary for the trip. In order to reach Meroe, we must drive through the Bayuda Desert, an expansive, rugged landscape with rocky terrain and scattered vegetation. During your drive through the desert, you will be able to observe the local wildlife and enjoy the breathtaking scenery.

You will pass through small villages that are inhabited by the Bayuda people along your journey. If you are lucky, you may even be invited to join them for tea or dinner by these friendly and hospitable people.

After several hours of driving, you will finally arrive at the Pyramids of Meroe, one of Sudan’s most famous and impressive archaeological sites. The pyramids date back to the Kingdom of Kush, which ruled Sudan between the 8th and fourth centuries BC. Take the opportunity to explore the Pyramids of Meroe and learn about the history of the Kingdom of Kush while you are there. Several of the pyramids can be climbed to enjoy a breathtaking view of the landscape surrounding them. Spend the night at the Meroe camp site or in an outdoor tent.

Day 4:  Meroe - Naga and Mussawarat - Khartoum

Visit the sites of Naga and Mussawarat in the morning, approximately one hour and thirty minutes of travel time from Meroe Pyramids.

Naga is one of two centers that developed during the Meroitic period. In Naga, in a typical Saharan environment with rocks and sand, we discover a temple dedicated to Apedemak (1st century A.D.). This magnificent building is decorated with bas-reliefs that depict the god with a lion’s head, the Pharaoh, noblemen, and several ritual images.

Several metres away is a small and curious structure with arches and columns, named “kiosk”, in which we can distinguish Egyptian, Roman, and Greek styles at the same time. Another temple dedicated to Amon is not far away, with many statues of rams and beautifully decorated gates.

After that, we will continue to Mussawarat, not far from Naga. Settlements in this area are situated in beautiful valleys surrounded by hills. In this area, the ruins of a very large temple can be seen; it once played a very significant role in the community. One of its most notable features is the “Great Enclosure”, a complex of constructions and boundary walls surrounding a temple constructed during the 1st century A.D. These walls depict a large number of elephants that indicate this animal played a significant role in the area’s history. In the vicinity of the big wadi, there is another temple dedicated to Apedemak – restored by a German archaeological mission.

After an enjoyable day in Naga and Mussawarat, transfer to Khartoum is scheduled.

Approximately three hours are required to travel between Naga and Mussawarat and Khartoum. Overnight in Khartoum at New Flower hotel.

Day 5: Khartoum city tour & Surroundings

Tour of Khartoum & Surroundings starting in the morning, including Khartoum city tour, Jabal Auliya, and Omdurman:

Visit Jabal Auliya, a hill located approximately 15 km east of Khartoum, to begin your day. There are breathtaking views of the city and the Nile River from this location. There are two ways to reach the top of the hill: by car or on foot (if you are feeling adventurous). Next, proceed to Khartoum, the capital of Sudan, after enjoying the views from Jabal Auliya. To gain a deeper understanding of the country’s history and culture, visit the National Museum of Sudan. Afterwards, visit the Tuti Bridge to witness the confluence of the Blue and White Niles.

After lunch, proceed to Omdurman, which is located just across the Nile from Khartoum. Visit the Omdurman Souq, one of Sudan’s largest and busiest markets. Among the items available here are a variety of traditional Sudanese goods, such as textiles, pottery, spices, and more. You will then visit one of the most important Sufi shrines in Sudan, the tomb of Sheikh Hamad Al Nil.

Upon completion of your tour in Omdurman, you are free to return to your hotel or to the airport if you are departing Sudan.

Prices & Dates


This tour is priced per person.

  • 1 person: $1299

  • 2 up to 6 people travelling together: $999 per person

  • 7 up to 15 people travelling together: $899 per person

  • If you are traveling with more than ten people, you will receive a significant discount. Please contact us for more information.

    The deposit required to confirm your booking is 10%


Bookings can be made at any time of the year. 

Tour Note

Custom Tours

Our custom tours are tailor-made itineraries designed for individual travellers, families, or a small group.

We can arrange an itinerary around your interests, dates, and special requests, all our tours include private drivers, private touring, unique accommodations, and exclusive experiences.

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Payment Method

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Cancellation Policy

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  • 21 days before arrival – 20% of the total tour price will be charged
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  • 7 Days before arrival – 100% of total tour price will be charged

IMPORTANT: The cancellation policy stated above does not apply if a prior agreement has been made with Somaliland Travel Agency.

Change in Itinerary

Visit Horn of Africa tries to follow the agreed tour program with its clients as much
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or delay of domestic flights, high-level government meeting.


In the case where Visit Horn of Africa does not provide one of the services
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  1. Cases of force majeure, adverse weather conditions, cancellation or delay of domestic
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  2. Change in Itinerary by Somaliland Travel Agency if we judge that the context endangers the safety of the customer.

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