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Where to stay & eat in Mogadishu

  • Aaran Guest House. Affordable, very foreign-friendly, with excellent food. They take the safety of their customers to another level. Favored by UK travelers. 
  • Al-furat Hotel. Located in the center of the city, opposite the parliament building and along with Number 4. The security is excellent and anyone entering the building is thoroughly searched, even laptops are inspected and switched on. Its restaurant is not the best and it’s pricey (this whole area of Mogadishu is up-town and more expensive than other parts of Mogadishu). It offers a good, fast internet connection, your room will have satellite TV, with 24-hr room service, and rooms are comfortable, with a good shower room. 
  • Central Hotel. Cheap hotel, excellent food. It is where government elites come to do business apart from their particular ministries. 
  • City Plaza Hotel. This hotel is in a very secure place, with excellent food, and is popular with UN workers, foreign workers, foreign tourists, and business people from abroad. 
  • Hotel Nasa Hablod, Km 4 square (2 km from International Airport), ☏ +25261858440, fax: +25262215943. Restaurant, meeting rooms, safe box, TV, internet access, air-con. (updated Sep 2018)
  • Hotel Shamo. Large rooms, with air-conditioning, wi-fi and electricity 24 hours a day. The restaurant is extremely decent and serves lobster when it’s available at the fish market. The hotel is relatively safe. From US$100. 
  • Jazeera Palace Hotel. It is frequented by business travelers and high-profile visitors. Security is a priority, with armed guards and walls that enclose the hotel. It was attacked in July 2015 by armed militants, resulting in several causalities. The hotel has two restaurants. (updated Dec 2015)
  • Oriental Hotel. Offers excellent food and security. Just for business travelers. 
  • Peace Hotel. This luxury hotel is close to the airport with views of the Indian Ocean in a nice upper-class neighborhood. It is popular with UN aid workers and foreigners and has a focus on customer safety. 
  • Sahafi Hotel. A rooftop panoramic view of Mogadishu City Center. It is fortified with a 3-meter concrete blast wall, watch posts, and with at least 20 armed guards in the hotel at any time of the day. The manager is very helpful, the staff is attentive and the food is good. 
  • SYL Hotel. A five-star hotel where government dignitaries stay. Located near beach resorts, offering cozy rooms and conference rooms. 


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