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Introducing our tours to Puntland

Introducing Tours to Puntland

We would like to introduce you to Puntland tours. These tours are both affordable and offer a variety of sights to see as well as smaller towns located in the region. These include Garowe, Eyl, Bosaso, Ras Hafun, Cape Guardafui and Baargaal, as well as a number of other towns. During your visit to Puntland or Somalia’s north-eastern region, you will have the opportunity to be guided by some of the most knowledgeable and experienced guides in the area. Please click this link to view a list of our Puntland itineraries and pricing information regarding the cost of the itineraries.

Introducing Puntland

It is a semi-autonomous region within Somalia that declared itself an autonomous state in 1998. Since then, it has strived to become a self-governing and stable region within Somalia. Puntland is one of the most stable regions in Somalia, and it has its own security forces, police, judiciary, and business community. There are approximately 2.5 million people living in Puntland. Puntland’s capital city is Garowe.

Puntland takes its name from the Land of Punt, an ancient kingdom mentioned in ancient Egyptian texts. There was a long standing reputation for wealth and trade relations between Punt and Ancient Egypt. The Puntland region is a beautiful and diverse region that has much to offer tourists. Puntland offers stunning beaches, a unique culture, and a rich history that appeal to a wide variety of travelers. Since 2012, we have been conducting tours in this region, and we are excited about it!

Why Travel to Puntland?

There are many reasons to visit Puntland, but here are just a few that are worth noting:

There is no doubt that Puntland is one of the least visited places in the world. This is because it is the most easternmost point in Africa and also one of the most scenic places in the world. It is abundant with Italian art and history. There is something for everyone in Puntland, no matter whether you’re looking for adventure or just want to relax on pristine beaches. Come and discover this hidden gem for yourself – you won’t be disappointed if you decide to visit!

Culture and Language in Puntland

Puntland is the home of the Somali ethnic group. Puntland’s official language is Somali. Despite this, there are many Puntland citizens who speak both Arabic and English. Puntland’s culture is a mix of Somali and Arab influences. The predominant religion in Puntland is Islam. In Puntland, the majority of the population lives in rural areas and engages in subsistence agriculture. Camal and goats are the most commonly raised livestock. In Puntland, fishing plays an important role in the economy and culture.

In comparison with other parts of Somalia, Puntland offers a relatively safe environment for visitors. Nevertheless, when traveling to this region, it is important to be aware of cultural sensitivities. As an example, women should dress modestly and refrain from wearing shorts or skirts above the knee. It is not recommended for men to wear shorts unless they are participating in sports activities. Taking photographs of people without their permission is also considered rude.

Tour Packages Offered in Bosaso, Garowe, Cape Guardafui and Ras Hafun

Our tours take you to the fascinating and little-known region of Puntland in northeastern Somalia. You’ll visit the cities of Bosaso, Garowe, Cape Guardafui and Ras Hafun, learning about the local culture and history while enjoying some of the best scenery in the Horn of Africa.

Bosaso is the commercial capital of Puntland and offers a bustling city life with plenty of shops and restaurants to explore. Our tour takes you to the old town, where you can see traditional Somali architecture, and to the modern port area. You’ll also visit a local market and learn about the different spices used in Somali cooking.

Garowe is the administrative capital of Puntland and home to many government buildings. However, there’s also plenty to see for tourists, including a number of historical sites. We’ll take you to see the ancient ruins of Dolphi, believed to be one of the oldest towns in Somalia, as well as the majestic Great Mosque of Garowe.

Cape Guardafui is a cape located at the northern tip of Somalia. It’s home to some stunning scenery, including cliffs that plunge into the sea and beaches that stretch for miles. We’ll take you on a hike along the coast, where you can enjoy views of both land and sea, before heading inland to explore Ras Hafun.

Ras Hafun is located in modern Somalia that was known as Opone by the Greeks. A travelogue describing the adventures of the Periplus of the Erythraean Sea from the 1st century CE describes the city as the most eastern point of Africa.

Tour to the Lighthouse

The Tour to the Lighthouse is one of our tours to Puntland. This tour takes you to the Lighthouse, which is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Puntland. The Lighthouse is a beautiful structure that was built in the 14th century. It is located on the coast of Puntland and is a great place to take pictures. The tour also includes a visit to the nearby town of Garowe.


As a final note, our tours will give you an opportunity to experience the beauty and culture of this amazing region in a safe and memorable way at an affordable price point. With the help of our knowledgeable guides, you will have an unforgettable experience exploring the stunning landscapes, fascinating history, and lively communities of Puntland. Get in touch with us today to book your tour!

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