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Somaliland Visa on Arrival

Somaliland Visa on Arrival

It is important to note that Somaliland’s visa policy is constantly changing! Currently, Somaliland visas are on arrival, and don’t worry, we are kept continuously informed of any changes. There is a difference between visiting Somaliland and visiting Somalia. Visas are issued under a completely different system. We are providing you with an updated guide on how to obtain a Somaliland visa.

Those who qualify for visa on arrival

As of April 2019, the Department of Immigration of Somaliland has decided to grant visas on arrival to a certain number of countries. The following is a list of those countries that qualify for visas on arrival.

As of now, citizens of the EU, Canada, USA, Australia, Brazil, China, Russia, Turkey, Egypt, South Africa, Morocco, Tunisia, and Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) members such as Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, and the IGAD Region can obtain a visa on arrival at any port of entry for tourism to Somaliland.

You will need to print and fill out a form on the Department of Immigration of Somaliland website if you are from one of the eligible countries. Despite not being available on their website as of the time of writing these lines, we have managed to obtain the form. You can get it from us by getting in touch with us! This form will have to be presented at your chosen point of entry to Somaliland, along with a passport photo and $60 USD in cash for the visa fee, and you will receive your visa immediately.

What if you can’t get a visa upon arrival?

You can obtain the visa most easily at the consulates in Djibouti, Kenya, Dubai, Sweden, Finland, London, Washington, or Addis Ababa. The turnaround time is half a day, including postal service from anywhere in the world. For example, if you are traveling to Somaliland from Ethiopia or passing through Addis on the way, you can get your visa stamped in your passport and be at the airport for your connection within a couple of hours on a weekday!

How do I apply for a visa to Somaliland?

In order to apply for a Somaliland visa via a consulate or on arrival, you will be required to provide the following documents.

1. You must have a valid passport in order to travel.

2. Two photos that are the size of a passport.

3. A fee of $60 USD will be charged.

4. An invitation letter and hotel reservation.

Is it possible to obtain a visa at the border or at the airport?

Nationalities that are not eligible for a visa on arrival will be turned away at the border or the airport if they do not obtain the visa from Somaliland embassies. If you are on the list of nationalities eligible for a visa on arrival and simply show up without an invitation and hotel booking, you are returned. 

Can I be rejected?

It is highly unlikely that this will happen. You are not looked at twice when you visit the consulate. Getting in and out can take as little as 10 minutes. For all of our tours in Somaliland, Djibouti, and Somaliland, Visit the Horn of Africa has a 100% visa approval rate.

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