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Visa for Somaliland, Djibouti & Somalia

Learn about the Somaliland visa, Djibouti visa and Somalia visa, customs and immigration regulations.

This includes types of visa applications, what to require, and how to obtain a visa on arrival.

Somaliland Visa

Somaliland Visa On Arrival

How to Get a Somaliland Visa Firstly please note that Somaliland’s visa policy constantly changes! Don’t worry Visit Horn of Africa is kept constantly in the loop regarding any changes. Visiting Somaliland is not the same as visiting Somalia. It is a completely different visa system. So here is our up to date guide on...
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Djibouti E-Visa

Djibouti Visa On Arrival

The Djibouti Immigration Department has recently introduced a system that allows citizens from all countries the chance to obtain electronic visas instead of traditional paper visas.
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Somalia Visa

Somalia Visa On Arrival

Travelers who want to travel to Mogadishu Somalia requires to have a visa letter processed prior to their travel.
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