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+46735776160 info@visithornafrica.com

The Somaliland Embassy in Addis Ababa

Addis  Ababa is the site of  Somaliland’s only proper international embassy ( 09.00–14.00 Mon–Fri), which – is true nomadic tradition – seems to have changed location half a dozen times since the first edition was published.

It is currently situated in Bole Medhane Alem, between the Malawi Embassy and Ambassador Hotel, both of which are well-known landmarks to taxi drivers.

A visa can usually be issued on the day of application, although this may be dependent on the presence of the ambassador, so it is probably safest to plan on an overnight wait, or longer if you arrive in Addis over a weekend or on an Ethiopian or Somaliland public holiday. It is best to arrive as soon as it opens as possible, but you will need to return between 13.00 and 14.00 to collect the passport and your visa.

In addition to your passport, bring one photocopy thereof and one passport photo. The visa costs US$100, ideally to be paid in hard currency, though Ethiopian birr might sometimes be accepted.

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