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Introduction – Somaliland

Somaliland Flag

Somaliland located in the Horn of Africa proclaimed itself independent from Somalia in 1991. Unlike the rest of Somalia, the self-declared country has largely avoided unrest. However, the association to Somalia has often deterred visitors from visiting the peaceful country.

Hargeisa is the capital of Somaliland and bustling with street vendors wanting to exchange your money, spicy aromas from the food stalls, and a daily camel market, unlike any other livestock trading. 

Laas Geel is situated just outside of Hargeisa and is home to Neolithic cave paintings. The exact age of the rock art is uncertain estimates range between 3,000 and 10,000 BC. Meaning ‘camel’s well’ in Somali, the well-preserved imagery depicts cows giving a glimpse into the countries livestock history.

Somaliland’s coastal highlight is found in the city of Berbera. Previously a bustling Ottoman town at the center of trade between the Middle East and the Horn of Africa, it now stands as a shadow of its former glory. It’s only trace found in the cities architecture, featuring Ottoman-style brightly colored buildings and mosques. 

Daallo Forest and Ga’an Libah National Park don’t disappoint nature enthusiasts with their diversity of flora, fauna, birds, and mammals.

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